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The first Green Rangers Eco-Committee was formed in September 2011 and the groups have worked hard to help teach the rest of the school about environmental issues.

Green Rangers Eco-Committee 2017-18

Potter - Matyas and Micah
Donaldson - Darcey and Zani
Jeffers - Owais, Afshan
Kerr - Maya and Anya
Waddell - Oliver and Hafsah
Burningham - Hassan and Vihaan


The Green Rangers encourage walking, scooting and cycling to school, reducing waste, recycling, reusing items and the importance of saving energy. They also help the staff and children to follow the school eco-code.


Always switch off lights and electrical items when they are not in use.

Always think a minute before you bin it! Remember to recycle.

Always put food waste in the compost bin.

Always try to walk, cycle or scoot to school

Always put litter in the bin.

Always turn off the taps to save water.


Some other things the committee help with include:

  • Helping run assemblies to teach the children about our eco-code.
  • Making posters to advertise important events such as ‘Switch Off Fortnight’ and ’The Big Pedal’.
  • Encouraging their class to compost fruit and empty the compost bin every day.
  • Growing flowers and vegetables in the school garden