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Mrs Holding and Mrs Lodge

Business Manager

Miss Sculley

Assistant Principal and Inclusion Manager

Mrs Deville

Assistant Principal and Foundation Stage Lead

Miss Bishop

Foundation Stage Teachers and Teaching Assistants

  • Carle Class – Miss Bishop with Miss Lewis
  • Ahlberg Class – Miss Darby with Mrs Rajesh
  • McKee Class – Miss Statters with Mrs Whitehall

Key Stage One Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Year One Leader - Mrs Mulenje

Year One Teachers

  • Burningham Class - Miss Frazdaq with Mrs laflin
  • Kerr Class – Miss Grundy with Mrs Kumar
  • Waddell Class – Mrs Mulenje with Mrs Overton

Year Two Leader - Miss Midson

Year Two Teachers

  • Jeffers Class – Mr Overton with Mrs Williams
  • Potter Class  – Mrs Lambourne and Mrs Abbott with Mrs Narewska
  • Donaldson Class – Miss Midson with Mrs Rutti

Lead Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Abbott, Miss Sands

Additional Support Staff

Mrs Deacon
Mrs Newport

Mrs French
Mrs LePennec



School Administrative & Attendance Officer

Mrs Donnelly

School Administrative Assistant

Mrs Smith




Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Smith
Mrs Naqvi
Mrs Taylor
Mrs Hassell
Mrs Newport
Mrs Sherlock
Mrs Deacon
Mrs Rutti
Mrs Lightfoot

Lunchtime supervisor and admin support

Mrs Smith


Mr Narewski

Premises Manager for The Gold Rose MAT

Mrs Mainwaring