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Broken Bones and Great Teams day 7

Beautiful day, stuck indoors!

Day 7 

What a glorious, sunny day! Still very wobbly on my crutches and can only manage stairs and garden when somebody else is by my shoulder, so will wait until this afternoon to get out into the fresh air. See, that's another great team - family. Some are close by and great for cups of tea and a helping hand, others are further afield but great for cheering me up with a chat.

Toes go blue when I am upright for too long and leg then hurts so I am becoming practised at just sitting still with offending ankle on a pillow. A cherry tree sits outside my bedroom window and is just coming into blossom; gorgeous pink swathes of flower peeking through the bud. With a six week sitting rule I should be able to see it reach full bloom and then fade away to it's summer green. The resident robin seems to know I am here, keeps coming to the top branches and singing, just for me obviously!

The trick to maintaining an illusion of normality is to keep busy so I will continue to leave a trail of my recovery on this blog, in the hope that somebody might read it and gain a little insight into the life of those dealing with injury. Today feels more comfortable and I can at least keep the crutches at a decent angle, meaning I can hop in almost a straight line. Looking forward to just being able to do more for myself.

Thanks to the medical team and school team for handling the Y3 vaccinations so well yesterday. I would have been there but glad that Deputy Head, Nina Greenstone (with hand in plaster!) was supported by KirstyWhite and Phil Grove and Steph Street so well. I shall keep coming back to this 'team' theme!

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