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Broken Bones and Great Teams Day 9

All is sunny in the garden, and the grass is growing like Jack's beanstalk.

Sunday and getting used to being on crutches. Managed to go up and downstairs yesterday on my own and to hop in and out of the house to the garden. It's amazing how much we take our legs for granted and I am developing a whole new level of respect for all those with compromised mobility. 

So glad the weather is kind, the thought of sitting on the bathroom floor in mid January to wash and not being able to just get outside in the warmth makes me shiver. Everything needs careful planning though to fulfil even the most basic actions. Take eating for example. A nice square bag with shoulder straps that my very lovely sister sent some flowers in proved a very handy carry bag to move things from room to room. So I managed to collect ham and spread from the fridge, manouevre to the side and make a sandwich for lunch, which went into the bag. A flask of coffee went in next and a yoghurt. My lunch and I managed to make it back to the settee, carefully readjusting the crutches to compensate for the bag (bearing in mind strictly no weight bearing on my broken ankle). Felt very pleased with myself until I discovered no spoon for the yoghurt! I will be a master of logistics at the end of six weeks!

I hope everybody is enjoying the Easter break. I saw a Cadbury advert where a cute bunny on a bike was leaving chocolate all over the country for people to find. I wonder how that works then? I have visions of an environmentally aware child finding a chocolate bunny under a slide in a playground somewhere and putting it in the bin - just tidying up the rubbish.

Managed to hop down the road today just to see how far I can go, not very far as it happens and my shoulders are still screaming. Oh well, a quiet day tomorrow.

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