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Broken Bones and Great Teams Day 13

Work in holidays can seem  an intrusion, but sometimes it's a welcome distraction

Almost two weeks into my accident imposed inactivity. Managed some housework yesterday, just some clearing up, cleaning and washing. Amazing how much more effort and time goes into everyday tasks when you are balancing on one leg, carrying everything around in a bag and doing just one little thing at a time. Managed to enlist some help with hoovering and beanstalk cutting (aka grass) so feeling a lot less twitchy today!

Family teams are great aren't they - that lovely sister of mine, supported by husband and daughter, driving all the way from East Kent to keep me company and cook dinner! Never ceases to amaze me how she can get my 20 year old son - lovely but with a laid back manyana type of vibe going on - doing chores in an instant! Hence the grass got cut! It's in good teams you see that one member is able to cut through the correctness and tell another team member what they should be doing to pull their weight. Love it!

My Deputy Head with the broken hand has had some good news, surgery not needed although her arm remains in plaster with limited movement. Plans will need to be put in place, but that's the beauty of high performing teams, everybody assumes responsibility and knows what needs to be done overall so with a little shifting around, you make things work. In contrast to my sister/son scenario, the trick for able bodied team members might be to know when to tell the sick and injured they should stop!

Quiet day for me today, my cast tightens around my ankle like a vice and my toes go blue if I am upright for too long so  lots of sitting with my foot elevated is called for after raised activity levels yesterday.  Time to appreciate this glorious time of year and share the cherry blossom. I have an old, tall lamp in my garden absolutely smothered in clematis and that is just starting to flower so I will share that soon too. Enjoy the Easter weekend, I hope you find a chocolate bunny under a slide somewhere!




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