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Broken Bones and Great Teams Day 18

First day of term, best three days of the school year!

So sad to be missing the first day back after Easter - gutted, as my son would say. The start of the summer term, especially, signals a more outside feel to the school day. A return to playtimes on the field, summer sports of cricket, tennis, rounders and athletics and lessons outdoors with the playground covered in chalked solutions to maths problems. Be in no doubt, I am missing you all.

Mrs Carr sent me some lovely pictures of the Early Years garden, all ready to welcome our keen learners in reception. The picture you can see is from the problem solving learning shed and demonstrates the importance of teaching and reinforcing the skills of team work at an early age. I was reading an article about AR (augmented reality) where technology is used to  augment or modify a physical environment by adding some computer generated sensory input - all exciting yet somehow scary stuff. The author went on to suggest that smartphones and keyboards will become a thing of the past as we focus more on commanding technology with our voices and manipulating the real world with others. This all makes our interaction and oracy skills ever more important and particularly for our youngest pupils who will inhabit a very different working world to this one. Rock on Mrs Carr and keep the fab learning coming!

Different day for me, still no weight bearing so very restricted in what I can do. Went to the fracture clinic yesterday for my two week milestone check - cast off, stitches out, new cast on. Bones seem to be mending well in that they are aligned but that means deffo no weight bearing, which might displace this lovely piece of surgical artistry. I now have a rather fetching purple cast, which the lovely lady in the plaster room did beautifully, but tighter - for my own good apparently to stop any movement. Consequently feeling sore today but at least I can try out some purple nail varnish on my toes!

So still at home, backing up my great school team as best I can without bothering them every five minutes. Everybody's keen to get going, this is the term when all the training comes together and we see our new staff really shine. Thank you to the team for the lovely flowers and good will messages - look after Mrs Greenstone with her broken hand and do your stuff with a smile!

  • Affan Akbar 5 years ago
    Very sorry to hear about it Mrs. Willis We definitely miss your greetings at the gate. Wish you a speedy recovery and see you very soon. Affan Akbar Y3 Thistle

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