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Broken Bones and Great Teams Day 21

Birthday today but no dancing on the tables for me.

Day 21 and, as today is the 21st, an easy way to diarise my injury.  April Fool's Day is often a day to remember for the witty, and not so witty, ruses that folk get up to in the name of humour. For me it will go down as the day I missed a simple step and ended up contemplating a rather more sedentary and much less active lifestyle for the next six weeks - oh and also my nephew's wedding anniversary, actually both my nephews, as his brother was also married on April 1st, last year.

Good day today, pressies and cards to open, including some inspiring and really rather detailed colouring activities from my colleagues - anything I can gainfully do while sitting on my derriere is a great idea. Also some rather gorgeous flowers from my fellow Headteachers in Slough, what a great bunch (okay, terrible pun!), but they are warm, kind, professional and caring - just the sort of colleague Headteachers you need around in these very uncertain and demanding times.

I have Great Teams in the title of my blog because it occured to me during my surgery, listening to the surgical team going about their business (spinal block not general anaesthetic in case you are wondering) how much we can achieve when we each play a role that combines to create a desired outcome. I hosted a leadership meeting at home yesterday and the beauty with which solutions were found to a Head and Deputy being temporarily unavailable reminded of a Steve Jobs quote ' Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people'.

Have a good weekend everybody, a glass of birthday Prosecco for me later, but only the one as the crutches seem to gain a life of their own if I lose a fraction of control. Brother visiting tomorrow, hopefully I can take advantage of his man, meat,  fire tendencies and get him cooking on the barbecue - not him you understand but some rather nice salmon and chicken. Let's hope the weather is kind and the cherry blossom sticks around for a little while longer yet.