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Broken Bones and Great Teams Day 26

Time slows and blossom falls like snow

Amazing how inactivity slows down time and equally amazing how this means you notice things you might not give a second thought to under normal circumstances. This photo was taken on Sunday, when my cherry tree stood proudly in it's best pink, frothy frock. Today, after a slight breeze and an arctic chill, the petals litter the grass below and the tree is stripped back to it's dull Spring greenery.

The other thing about a period of forced inactivity is the type of things you do get to do that you might not have had much time for otherwise. Take reading for example - having purchased a Kindle I now have a world of books available to me in an instant. Resisting the urge to read relatively easy going novels is recommended for much of the time but occasionally losing yourself in a good story is akin to therapy! So I have read a real tear jerker and a psychological thriller and am now trying to elevate my brain level as well as my leg with some educational reads.

I'm really impressed with Dave Harris's book 'Brave Heads' - How to lead a school without selling your soul - and have pinched his title to head up a Primary Headteacher conference I am organising with my oh so brilliant  PA. We are calling it 'Brave Heads - Brave Hearts' and have some truly inspiring speakers to breathe motivation and passion into our regulation driven  professional lives.  Looking forward to the conference in June.

The school team continue to be awesome and I am constantly reminded of the quote from Earley and Weindling on the benefits of distributed leadership:  'leadership is dispersed throughout the whole organisation and it is not the leader but leadership that is the key factor'.  Mrs Greenstone's hand is out of plaster (synthetic resin I think is what is actually used) but she has a lot of recovery still to go through and I know is being well supported by Mr Howarth and Mrs Thornton. Other staff members are also 'stepping up' and admin team are handling things with true efficiency and leadership. Connectivity is key and the ablity to use technology to continue to work remotely has proved a real blessing.

Although my ankle is much more comfortable, my toes still turn a deep blue that rivals my purple cast if I am upright for longer than 10 minutes. Into the fourth week now and settling into some kind of routine but still struggling to get around. An offer of a wheelchair loan from a fellow Headteacher has been welcome and might open up the possibility of an outing or two! Just sitting by the river and eating ice cream sounds like an exciting day. All we need now is some proper Spring weather.