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Broken Bones and Great Teams Day 34

When dogs and friends make your day smile.

So here's the thing - when my gorgeous dog first joined our family as a tiny puppy there were lots of name suggestions: Jessie... after our previous dog, Guinness...obvious, Molly...pretty, easy to call and Shadow...because of her markings. We finally settled on Molly but this last month or so has made me think we really should have called her Shadow, not because of her markings but because of her shadow like qualities...constantly stuck to your feet, well my feet to be exact. Wherever I go, she goes, wherever I sit, she sits and now against all instinct and good pet training advice she even sleeps outside my bedroom on the landing. It's kind of comforting to know she is right there - steadfast, loyal, protective even though she knows I can't take her for long country walks at the moment. 

Friends too show great qualities in difficult times. A quote from Euripedes has resonated with me recently - 'Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness' and I think there is much truth here.  I have been visited regularly by a dear friend, just as a check in and a cheer up, even though she has her own family crisis to deal with, a colleague headteacher has driven over to me on a Sunday with a wheelchair and a curious contraption designed to keep your cast dry in the shower (a shower, Oh what bliss!)  and cards and flowers remind me that friends are thinking of me and some are even including me in their prayers. How blessed am I!

Which all kind of lead me back to teams - when do those people you work with, build relationships with, create teams with tip from colleague status to friend status? I went into school last Friday and it felt good, a place of motivation, stimulation and intelligence. We ran a school based assessment centre for senior leadership and Lead Practitioner posts and the quality of candidates , all internal, was staggering - so much creativity, dedication and knowledge right there in that room. I would be pleased to call any of them a friend but proud as punch to call them colleagues and team mates.

I have two weeks left in plaster (or synthetic resin to be exact but language habits die hard and it just doesn't sound the same), assuming the lovely team leader in orthopaedics can find me a closer appointment time than the end of May. So freedom looks within sight and I can begin the painful process of rehabilitation. I manage to do more around the house with army style logistical planning and work keeps me busy on the laptop so all in all a manageable  routine. Which reminds me, time for afternoon tea and a hop around the garden with my shadow.



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