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Broken Bones and Great Teams Day 42

Wheelchairs and pavements!

Stir crazy has given way to pavement rage! it's been great to finally get out and about, thanks to the loan of a much needed chariot, but, oh my word, what an eye opener. A 'walk' to my local pub restaurant on Friday evening took a rather circuitous route negotiating the infrequent and bizarrely placed drop kerbs and avoiding the tree roots and potholes (are they potholes on pavements?). I was brilliantly escorted by my very patient companion who had to admit defeat on a couple of occasions and resort to road walking. How do disabled people cope with this? How do they go out independently and manage these unnecessary obstacles? How I will look differently at my school now and truly assess accessibility from a  wheelchair's point of view.

On a more positive note, it has been  wonderful to go on a few outings and people have been very helpful and sympathetic, which has made a difference. Marlow on a sunny Sunday afternoon is a joy and, despite Molly running off and not being able to spot me at a lower height, was a  real treat. Ice cream, good company, a lovely dog and the beautiful River Thames - what more could one ask for? A break with the weather and Henley looks possible this weekend, can't wait.

Enjoyed a visit to school yesterday to see the new outdoor classroom opened and to meet with some key people and teams. It was lovely to see the children and the staff and to catch up on school life and everybody's news. Cippenham is such a great place to work, as soon as I walked in (well  hopped to be precise) it felt good. The children I spoke to were pleased to see me and asked all about my injury with just more than a little  macabre interest - ooh did they have to cut you? did you here it snap?  Love them all - a sharp and pleasant reminder of why we do this  job.

I was also reminded of some of those other teams that make up the fabric of any successful school. The Friends of Cippenham raised the money for the outdoor classroom and were all there yesterday in their bright blue t-shirts, celebrating the new facility with the children. They are  a small group but work with good humour and dedication and contribute to our school in so many more ways than just money. It was pleasing to see their effforts rewarded with a tangible gift to the children that they will use well for a long time to come.