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Broken Bones and Great Teams Day 56

Cast off, boot on, sun out!

Finally, after seven weeks and umpteen phone calls to fracture clinics and consultant's secretaries, the cast is off and I can weight bear with the support of a beast of a boot. This is good news - it means the fracture is stable  and the next stage of recovery can begin. It means I can begin to walk again, albeit like a very wonky duck! It means that I can have a bath, scratch an itch, carry a cup, walk the dog, kneel down, sit on the floor and get back up again. It also means physiotherapy can begin and I can plan a proper return to work.

So this will be my final blog in the 'Broken Bones and Great Teams' series. I will continue my Headteacher blog and will let you know how the continuing recovery is going but I will drop the 'Broken Bones' element and just use the 'Great Teams' title.

Mrs Greenstone's hand is also healing well; she has been following physiotherapy advice (good girl!) and can now move all fingers fairly freely. To say she has been brilliant in my absence is an understatement - she has combined  sensitivity and confidence to the situation we found ourselves in and has gathered the school team together with skill and purpose. To have such a team feels like a gift but I know in reality it is down to vision, ethos and culture - an underlying commitment to the people that surround the pupils.

Hobbling around the playground at lunchtime yesterday, I saw a great example of this. Mrs Thornton has been on a mission to improve experiences for all at lunchtimes. She has done an inspired job of working with lunchtime supervisors and pupils to zone the playground,  introduce new games,  use our new outdoor classroom and establish clearer boundaries and rewards for lunchtime behaviour. Lunchtimes have always been calm and enjoyable but have now hit a new level of fun and engagement - there were children reading, some playing parachute games, tennis, skipping, basketball, circle games- and all supported by well resourced (and smiling!) supervisors. Lovely to see.

So we are now ready to consider how we move to a coaching culture, one where the vison and values are shared by all and people are encouraged to find their own solutions to reaching high performance. The first part of a 3 part training programme for coaching champions started yesterday with an aim of strengthening coaching hubs for teaching and learning. Coaching will also form the basis for setting performance goals and supporting staff to reach them.  As Timothy Gallwey wrote; ' Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It is about helping them to learn rather than teaching them'.

Today marks the end of the penultimate half term.  Many teachers will be spending half term writing reports that summarise a child's year in school and will also find time to rest and spend time with families and loved ones. I shall be reading John Whitmore's book 'Coaching for HIgh Performance' and practising my walking, trying not to lean and limp and making sure I put my gorgeous boot on before taking a single step (as clearly ordered in fracture clinic!). Whatever you are doing- enjoy the time, step outside and soak up any sunshine available.