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Mad Science visit

Pupils from the Year Three and Four classes were treated to the team from Mad Science coming in last Friday 2nd of December. They looked at different applications of Science in the wider world, running small experiences that were interesting and exciting. Some students commented on the live show:

Aidan Payne 4 Dublin– I liked how people when the demonstration had the ball floating in the air – it was like it was magic!

Zamar Ujani 4 Dublin – I enjoyed the bit when the water in the balloon made sure that the balloon couldn’t pop when it was heated. I thought the people on the ground were going to get wet.

Ben Lacey 4 London – I liked when Mr Dunn had a competition with blowing up the tube. He did it in 13 puffs but she was able to do in one.

Alicja Biernat 4 London – My favourite part was when the paper was lit up and it disappeared immediately. It was amazing.

Students learnt about the laws in Science and how they can be applied and demonstrated in the real world.