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Heatwave -Wednesday 21 June

Children allowed home for the afternoon on Wednesday

It has been very hot in school this week.  The children, staff and parents did a magnificent job in a shortened KS1  sports day today and other year groups were in and out managing their sports activities for sports week. By the end of the day though, everybody was feeling the heat and with 30 children in a classroom not a lot was achieved during the afternoon. 

It is forecast to be even hotter tomorrow and sports day for Y3 and 4 has already been postponed until Friday. 

Given the effect of a continuing  heatwave we are giving parents the option of collecting their child/ren from school at 12pm tomorrow and keeping them at home in the cool for the afternoon. If parents/carers wish to do this they should let their teacher know in the morning and colelct from the classrooms as usual between 12pm and 12:10pm. 

For those who do not wish or who are unable to do this an adapted curriculum will be provided tomorrow afternoon for those childrn remaining.

Thank you for your continued support - enjoy the heatwave safely.