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Year 6 netball match

On Monday, the year 6 girls netball team played a home match against Lent Rise School. This was the girls first ever match and nerves and excitement were running extremely high.

Captain Queenie won first centre ball and the match got under way. From the start, Cippenham dominated and looked strong and with Poppy on top form scoring goal after goal, a wave of confidence swept through the squad.

All the girls played their socks off today and the teamwork shone through. The defence were outstanding and managed to keep the ball away from Lent Rise’s goal and our attackers were well placed and used the space across the court well. Mrs Hood and Mrs Goody are so proud of all the effort the girls have put in over the weeks and it paid off with a 12-0 win!!

At the end of the match and with hand shakes all round, Poppy was voted player of the match by the opposition although everyone went away with a big pat on the back and a smile on their face (especially Mrs Hood’s face!)