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Y6 and Y3 Reading Buddies

Y6 visited year 3 last week to listen to readers.

Some children in year 3 were really excited last week when some volunteers from year 6 came to support their reading. Here are some quotes from year 3 children about their experience:

“I enjoyed getting feedback from Leo. The best thing was when all of us read together.” Ayan

“I now know that I need to pause when I see a comma!”

“I found it very fun and I especially enjoyed when she read to us. She said I was a really good reader and this made me feel happy.” Evie

“I enjoyed reading with the year 6 children. I agree with their feedback that I need to read slower. I like that we got feedback.” Lisa

“It was fun and Leo said I was good at reading the emotions.” Krissie

“I like that she explained some tricky words to me. She also told me reading is really important.” Gracie

“I liked reading with Victoria; she was really fun and read us good stories.” Aidan