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Year 3 Writers - Collaborative Learning

Year 3 Writers - Collaborative Learning

Year 3 are enjoying developing their knowledge of non fiction genres by learning about Non Chronological Reports. A text all about the mysterious Storm Unicorn captured our interest and over the course of a week, we delved deeper into its structure, its content and verbally rehearsed the text with actions to get a sense of the flow of the writing and the main vocabulary.  We learnt the whole report and were proud to recite it with expression and attention to punctuation.

Why not ask your child to show you...the ppt files with all of the words to the report is attached. Enjoy reading it together and discussing what you have found out.

Our second week, the innovation week, opened up the opportunities to combine our own ideas with the original structure. A selection of pictures of beautiful unicorns, inspired to write about another even rarer species - the Frost Unicorn!

We carried out a visualisation where we transported ourselves to a magical forest. We imagined we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Frost Unicorn. This built up an image in our minds of what this creature was like. After sharing and comparing our ideas, it was time to capture these on paper.

We worked collaboratively to organise our ideas for the structure of the report. We wrote onto coloured strips to represent the content of each paragraph of the report. We found this really helped us to review our progress, as the colours helped us to see what sections of the report needed more information.

Why not pop along to our photo album to see more photos of us working so well together.

From our flip chart sized planning pages, we could write a first draft.  With this being done and dusted, we moved enthusiastically onto the publishing stage. We are looking forward to getting these hot off the press tomorrow, so that we can illustrate and evaluate each others finished outcome.

We'll share them with you when we have finished!

Year 3 English Group & Mrs Springate