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Y4 Swanage trip Tuesday 15th March

Y4 Swanage trip Tuesday 15th March

What a darling of a day at Durlston Country Park! We began with an indepth explanation of the importance of Durlston. Did you know that it contains many different types of dinosaur fossils as well as fossilised plants? We saw ammonite fossils and the ossified remains of trees. Gazing wondrously at the sea, we spotted something remarkable. It was so astonishing it was almost unbelievable. We saw a wild pod of dolphins!

After the excitement of seeing dolphins frolicking in the churning sea, we continued to tread along the coastal path, exploring the natural scenery as we went. Descending upon the town of Swanage itself, we had a bit of time to play on the beach whilst being treated to ice cream (…shhh…don’t tell anyone else).

Tonight we had a new sensory experience in the dark, practicing using sound to navigate. With all that completed, we sign off for the night, looking forward to our activities tomorrow: “The Seaside: Past and Present.”

The weather has been glorious and there is a beautiful forecast for the rest of the week.