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Science over the Summer!

Keep minds active with experiments from "science over the summer"

If you are currently in Year R-5, we are pleased to announce our "Science over the summer" competition. The competition is a way to help keep children's minds active over the summer holiday as well as build their curiousity about science and the world around them. Please see the pamhlet attached for more details about the competition, which will be judged in September 2016. 

In the pamphlet there are also details about fun, free, days out for our future scientists at the Science Museum and the Royal Institution. To get you excited and keep you inspired, here are a few ideas from the Royal Institution on how to do your own science investigations at home.

Here are two great outdoor ideas for those bright sunny days:






Remember to keep a safe distance back when launching your bottles!

This is a fascinating experiment to try if you are stuck indoors:



Who knew there was so many different colours hiding inside a felt tip pen?

Why not combine science with a chance to build art skills by using chemistry to make your own playdough:



A secret tip: try adding a bit of hair conditioner to the playdough to give it the texture of ice cream!

What physical processes happened? What chemical processess happened? Where else do you see physical or chemical processes at work?

We hope you enjoy these ideas and keep asking "why?" Remember we will be accepting entries for the "Science over the summer" competition beginning in September 2016, with judging on September 12.