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Y6 Isle of Wight Tuesday 27th September 2016

We climbed, abseiled, faced our fears and got extremely messy whilst working without one of our senses.

After a good breakfast to get us prepared for the day, we began our day’s activities. What an adventure that was! From first thing in the morning, the children started with an enthusiastic outlook. During the day we took part in climbing, abseiling, Jacob’s ladder and archery (watch out Robin Hood!). The sensory trail was a whole new experience, having to navigate the trail whilst being blindfolded. The children have done brilliantly facing their facing, taking on new challenges and we are impressed with the behaviour and positive attitude from both children and staff. We can’t wait to see what Wednesday brings…although we’ve been tipped off that we will need to paddle hard. What could that mean?

Please see our photo gallery here.