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School Council and Green Rangers

Do you want to be a School Councillor or a Green Ranger?

We are looking for two children from each class in Year One and Two to be part of two important groups at school.

School Council

Being a School Councillor is a really important job. You will join in regular meetings and must be prepared to speak up and offer your thoughts and ideas about important issues at school, School Councillors will have to tell their classmates:

  • What was discussed at the meeting
  • What was decided
  • What is going to be done and by whom
  • What will be discussed at the next meeting

You will also be a role model for other children in the school and have important tasks to do at playtime and lunchtime.

Green Rangers Eco-Committee

This is a really important group, run by Miss Statters, that teaches the children, staff and parents about ways to look after our environment in the following ways:

  1. Walking, scooting and cycling to school
  2. Reducing waste
  3. Recycling
  4. Re-using items
  5. Saving energy
  6. Planting and caring for vegetables and flowers

What Next…

At school we will be learning about democracy. We will follow the rules of democracy by having an election in each class for the role of School Councillor and Green Ranger. If you would like to become a member of one of our groups you will need to write a short letter telling us why you think you’d make a good School Councillor or Green Ranger.

Letters should be handed to your class teacher by Monday 8th October.

How the Election Works

You will only be allowed to be elected into one group and if you were a School Councillor last year please only apply for the Green Ranger role so that more children get an opportunity. You will read out your letters to your class and then your classmates will vote. The votes will be counted by the class teacher to make it fair.

We will let you know who has been successful on Friday 12th October in our assembly. We hope you will be interested in joining one of these groups and look forward to meeting with you. Please look at the school website for more information.

Mrs Lodge and Mrs Holding