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Excite . Inspire . Care

We will excite by...

  • Delivering an exciting, engaging high quality curriculum taught through a variety of stimulating topics.
  • Enriching topics with school trips, visitors and extra curricular clubs.
  • Planning stimulating hooks into learning which provide practical and exploratory learning experiences.
  • Creating exciting environments that develop an enjoyment of learning and thirst for knowledge.
  • Providing appropriate resources that support and enhance learning experiences.

We will inspire by...

  • Delivering excellent standards of teaching and learning in all curriculum areas
  •  Aspiring to be the best we can be, encouraging a love of learning amongst staff and children.
  • Ensuring all children regardless of their starting points,  make excellent progress.
  • Developing  children who have positive attitudes to learning, enabling them to become independent learners, thinkers and doers.
  • Working alongside parents so that they can support the schools aims and ethos.

We will care by...

  • Creating a happy, caring, heathy and secure environment in which children will be encouraged to achieve their best potential.
  • Creating a culture where every child's welfare is the responsibility of every member of the school community.
  • Ensuring safeguarding is an essential part of the fabric of the school.
  • Responding to children's individuals needs both academically, emotionally and socially.
  • Employing specialist staff who can support children with their social and emotional well-being.