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Good Attendance

 Good school attendance helps children to learn and achieve and for these reasons Slough Borough Council is committed to improving attendance in all schools.

 Children who regularly attend school are likely to:

  • Learn more
  • Meet friends
  • Get good examination results
  • Have a better chance of getting a good job

Poor attendance

Poor attendance can result in children:

  • Getting left behind
  • Having difficulty with the work and exams
  • Not meeting friends and becoming isolated

Examples of poor attendance are occasional days off on a regular basis, long periods out of school, holidays in term time and regular lateness.

If a child misses just five days each term all over the years he or she is at school, this is equivalent to missing one whole school year.

Your responsibilities as a parent

Parents must make sure their children aged 5-16 attend school and most do.

Some parents do not, even after receiving support and advice from the Attendance Service. If parents do not take this responsibility seriously we will have to take action and this could include issuing penalty notices.

Penalty notices

Q.        What is a penalty notice?

A.        This is a fine of either £50 or £100 for unauthorised absence from school

Q.        Which parents could receive these?

A.        Parents whose children are away from school without a good reason. Examples

           include persistent lateness, truancy and holidays taken in term time without the

           Headteacher’s permission.

Q.        Will parents receive any warning?

A.        Yes, but if poor attendance continues a penalty notice will be issued when

           unauthorised holiday is taken.

Q.        How long does my child have to be absent?

A.        If your child misses 10 days in any 12 week period you could receive a fine or if you

           take time out of school for a holiday without the Headteacher’s permission or the

           holiday is longer than agreed.

Term time holiday

Taking your child out of school during term time will affect their education and every effort should be made to avoid doing so.

Q.        Can parents take their children out of school to go on holiday?

A.        No. Holidays in term time are not authorised and will only be agreed by the Headteacher in

           exceptional circumstances. Before making any decision the Headteacher will consider

           your child’s attendance history, his/her progress in school and previous requests for

           time away from school. In the exceptional case that leave from school is agreed, no

           more than 10 days holiday absence can be agreed while a child is in primary school

           and no more than 10 days can be agreed while a child is in secondary school.

Q.        If there are exceptional circumstances what should you do?

A.        Contact your child’s Headteacher in writing to request leave.

Q.        What happens if you go for longer or do not ask the Headteacher?

A.        The absence will be recorded as unauthorised and:

  • Your child could lose their school place.
  • You could be sent a penalty notice.
  • Legal action could be taken by the Local Authority that could result in a fine of up to £2,500.

Advice and queries

Q         How can I get more information and advice about attendance?

A.        Further information is available from the following:

Attendance Service

Tel: 01753 787670   |   Email:

Town Hall, Bath Road, Slough SL1 3UQ

Slough Borough Council website

Department for Education