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A Healthy Citizen

Curriculum Statement 

Our curriculum is designed to provide a breadth and depth of learning experiences that enable children to make excellent progress and aim high.

We aim to give children a knowledge-rich and broad primary school education which enables them to explore all their talents: academically, athletically and artistically. 

Maths and English are taught in discrete units and are designed to teach the knowledge and skills that lead to strong conceptual understanding.  Maths is taught using the concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) approach, where children are introduced to mathematical concepts through manipulatives, which lead on to structured visual diagrams and eventually leading to generalised mathematical principles in the abstract phase. At each stage children are expected to reason about patterns and regularities they find. Please see below our calculation policy. 

English is taught using the Talk4Writing approach which is widely used in primary schools. It begins with children reading high quality texts and learning the features of those texts. Children then develop their own writing by using the genre features and grammatical structures they learned from the text. This leads to children independently writing well-structured and exciting literature. For more on the Talk4Writing approach please visit their website:  

The Humanities and Science, Technology and Engineering (STEM) are taught through an integrated  thematic approach.  Units are planned around a central subject and other subjects are linked in to develop a wider knowledge base of that topic. In thematic units, children are encouraged to read widely to acquire new knowledge, enhance their writing skills to communicate their understanding and apply mathematical skills to explore the world in a different way. The thematic units also feature a variety of visits and visitors so children can take their learning beyond the classroom. 

We encourage all families to visit the Books for Topics website to find high quality texts covering all subjects we teach:


To see our wonderful work, please visit our Twitter account @cippenhamschool

Please see relevant tabs to view curriculum information for each year group.

For more information on any aspect of our curriculum please feel free to speak to a class teacher or contact our office.

RHE Policy

Please click here to see the RHE policy for the Cippenham School as well as the Changing Me example unit plans and other useful related documentation. We welcome parents feedback by email to