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Cippenham School is a culturally diverse school. We are proud of the many languages spoken at home among our students who come from different ethnic backgrounds.

As a support to our pupils whose English is not their first language, we would like to share some resources to develop this skill and enable better access to the remote learning.

  1. This simple vocabulary building website will develop knowledge of nouns in many basic categories
  2. To develop reading in English, these phase 1 & 2 phonics videos will help to decode the words. The first video is on basic alphabet phonic sounds Once the child knows these sounds they move on to watching videos using Phase 1 to phase 5 sounds. For example this one is a phase 2 phonics lesson

Below we have added links to some bi-lingual picture and story books . These are great as they have an English translation alongside to help you learn.

We have also found a few dual language 'Common Phrases' booklets that are a good place to start learning English. We have covered as many langauges as we can spoken by our children.