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Love Maths?  Try one of these problems to astonish and amaze you!


Fancy a challenge?  Try this online maths quiz!  You can adapt it yourself.

Four of our Exceptionally Able Year 6 Mathematicians visited the Explore Learning offices in Slough in November to represent our school in the National Young Mathematicians Awards 2018.  Several Slough schools are taking part in this exciting problem-solving competition with a never-seen-before challenge from Nrich.  If we are successful in Round 1, we will progress through to Regional Finals in December.  Fingers crossed and well done to our 4 superstars!

Primary Maths Challenge:

Every year we enter our Exceptionally Able Mathematicians into the Primary Maths Challenge. 

Congratulations to Mohammed Bouzid who got through to this year’s Bonus Round of the Primary Maths Challenge and achieved a Silver Award.

Just under 1,900 children got through to the Bonus Round this year, with 6% being awarded Gold, 45% Silver, 42% Bronze and 6% just missing the Bronze mark , so we are incredibly proud of Mohammed ‘s achievement.

Try this online paper from the PMC!  You can complete it as many times as you like to get the best score possible.  Once you have completed it, download your certificate and come and show it to Mrs White!

Well done to Ryan for completing one of the Exceptionally Able Maths Challenges. He attempted a Primary Maths Challenge Paper online and scored a respectable 13/25.

Congratulations to Ayan and Haadi, 2 of our Exceptionally Able Mathematicians in Year 5, who completed the Primary Maths Challenge Online with excellent results!