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Inclusion is intentionally planning for the success of all our students. 

At this time we understand that remote learning makes it difficult for some of our pupils to gain access to the usual provision that they would receive in school. Therefore, the Inclusion Team will be providing daily activities to support your child if they have needs linked to speech and language or occupational therapy. These activities will be differentiated so that children in KS1 and KS2 have daily activities that they can complete independently at home.

We look forward to seeing your amazing work uploaded to Tapestry for children in EYFS and Year 1 and to DOJO for children in Year 2 - Year 6. 



To support your child's well-being at home we have also provided some useful tools including:

  • a visual timetable to structure the day if your child benefits from routine and knowing what is next
  •  a social story to explain the current lockdown situation if they are finding it hard to understand why school is closed
  • a social story to explain what coronavirus is
  •  a lovely story called Lucy is in Lockdown by Chris Duke which is illustrated beautifully and uses rhyme to help children understand what they might be feeling is ok
  • a sensory toolkit to help you and your child identify what they can do to support their sensory needs at home