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20.04.2020 Using White Rose Maths Home Learning

Welcome to a new term! Starting on Monday 20th April, we will use the White Rose Maths Home Learning site for maths lessons. These lessons include a short teaching video, worksheet and answers. This means parents wil be able to access answers right away, and also have a short teaching video that helps explains the concept to children. Since all the resources are already organised on the White Rose Maths site, teachers won't be posting maths work on their year band's home learning page. To help keep folders tidy, the weekly schedule for each year band will have a hyperlink to the White Rose Maths landing page  for that year, then simply select the right lesson. On Monday 20th April, every year band is starting with "Week 1 lesson 1" rather than "Summer Term Week 1 w/c 20th April" because the lessons follow a sequence where one lesson builds on the last. The White Rose lessons consolidate concepts, so please don't worry about how White Rose has chosen to date the lessons because these were designed to consolidate concepts in a sequence so children can see links from one idea to the next.

Please remember that the timetable is a suggestion, and as families are juggling several responsibilities at once, we are here to support you through this time.  As parents you were, and are your child's first teacher and already have vast experience learning with your child, please remember that!

Please enter the relevant year group via the tabs to the right of the screen. 

Please check us out on Twitter @cippenhamps to share your what you are up to!

Please look below to find a list of links to help enrich home learning and broaden children's experiences. The attachment is organised by subject, indicating if resources are appropriate for age 4-5, age 5-7 or age 7-11. A few of the highlights are below:

BBC Bitesize - Lessons, teaching and games for almost any subject. BBC Bitesize will be refreshed starting on 20th April.

DK Findout! - One of the best online encyclopedias available, covers almost any subject and topic.

Royal Institution - YouTube channel with experiments for kids from one of the world's leading scientific organisations.

Royal Society Science at Home - Collection of activities and ideas covering a range of ages from another world-renowned scientific organisation.

Nrich - support and activities to do at home from Nrich maths project at Cambridge University. Loaded with easy-to-start but hard-to-stop puzzles, games and intriguing maths ideas.