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Welcome to the Library Corner

The Library has been refurbished with new furniture and decor, and houses new collections of books for Reception, Key stage 1 and 2 pupils, to help support reading development and learning. It changes and updates its collections regularly, to include a selection of story and school topic books. We encourage reading for pleasure,  reading reviews and book suggestions  from pupils and staff.

We’ve introduced a  biometric information system, which should provide a more efficient, and reliable fingerprint issuing service. The fiction stock has recently been organised into genres to enable pupils to find their favourite stories and new authors, to widen reading habits.

School Library Opening:

Come and visit the library at lunch times to borrow or return books and relax with a book in a quiet and peaceful reading zone.

We are open after school to pupils and parents. Its an ideal time to pop in and you may wish to enjoy a story time with your child or sisters and brothers.

World Book Day - 03/03/2016

Everyone is invited to donate £1 to the Book Aid charity by dressing up again in favourite story character costumes. Our theme for the day is ‘Stories from around the World’.The children (and staff!) can dress up as book characters The school will be celebrating the pleasures and the love of reading, school wide and in the library community. £1 book vouchers will also be available for every child to spend at book shops, or at our forthcoming spring book fair. 

Travelling Book Fair - 07/03/2016 - 11/03/2016

3.15pm – 4pm

Yr. 5 - Central area

Come along with your family after school time, to browse at or purchase some fun books from a wide selection of popular fiction and non-fiction titles, for a selection of age ranges. We look forward to seeing you!


Past Events

The pupils from the library book club created their own book of  Space Stories from around the World. It included some splendid art work and stories, which were produced over a number of weeks. The book is available to read, in the Library and in school year reading areas. Congratulations to pupils for winning prizes. Names to be announced shortly. See Library Book Club for more activities!

 Congratulations to Tanja and Alina, yr 6 and Shehnoor yr 4 for winning an individual effort prize, creating their own adventure stories; Ruqia yr 6 and Labibah yr 3 for best voted artwork; Alishba yr 3 and Emily yr 5, for winning a prize of commitment and overall contribution to the stories.

Travelling Books Book Fair company visited last week, 11th – 14th March, after school. Thanks to those pupils and families who attended. We raised up to £800 over four days. Commission we gained will help us to buy more educational books for the School Library.

Children dressed up on March 6th to celebrate World Book Day and donated a pound to the International Book Aid charity, to help raise money for books and schools for children in Africa.  The school raised £300.

Jamie Crawford visited the school on Friday 7th March and gave a spectacular performance and presentation of Stories Around the World. He told a variety of stories to all year groups throughout the day, including well known folk tales and less well known. Stories  included: Years 1 and 2 – How Wisdom came to the Tribe (Anansi story from Ghana), The Seventh Father of the House (from Norway), Years 3 and 4 – The Cow-tail Fly Switch (from West Africa). Myself (from England), The Princess in the Fiery Tower (from Central Europe), Years 5 and 6 - Monkeys Heart (Swahili version), The Magic Pot (from China), The Swan Wife (many cultures).

Pupil Views

Ben Yr 6  “I thought he was really funny.”

Muhaysin Yr 6 “I think the storyteller was clever and funny.”

Khushi Yr 4  “He was the best storyteller ever and he was funny.”

Amreen Yr 4 “It was awesome!”

Tanya Yr 6 “It  was great, and the author was really nice with expression, which made the stories more enjoyable.”

Lucy Yr 6 “Fun and exciting. I really enjoyed it.”

Hannah Yr 4 “I really enjoyed it. It was really funny.”

 Luke Temple, the author visited the school, and delivered an entertaining and interactive presentation to KS 2 pupils on February 13th, with two of his recent books, Doorway to Danger and Ghost Post.

“Luke had a fantastic time at Cippenham Primary last week and was thrilled with the way the children so readily involved themselves during the presentation. He was also ‘blown away’ with the enthusiasm during the book sales.” (Agent).

Please keep a look out on Luke’s website for a new set of books by visiting

Our Library Experience!

“The library is an amazing place. It’s a second home, apart from the stage!”

(Emily yr 6)

“There are lots of interesting books, the school library is spectacular.”

(Tobi yr 6 )

“It’s good because there are lots of non-fiction books, which helps us with our reading.”

(Alishba yr 4)

“There are plenty of books and lots of authors.”

(Abbey yr 5)

“It’s very quiet and calm.”

(Maryah yr 6)

“I like it. It has interesting books.”

(Callan yr 5)

“I like the computer and helping.”

(Jaspreet yr 5)

“It’s quiet and calm and peaceful.”

(Macie yr 6 )

“There are good books here!”

(Simon yr 5)

“The Library is a colourful environment.”

(Fatimah yr 6)

“It’s calm and quiet.”

(Jevanshi yr 3)

“The books are good and interesting.”

(Victoria yr 5)

“The library is nice and quiet.”

(Yunas yr 3)

“It’s calm, peaceful and the best place I’ve ever been!”

(Hannah yr 5)

“It’s a super, epic library”!

(Dhaksh yr 4)

“It’s a good place to read, with great non fiction and fiction books. I like the different authors”.

(Angel yr 5)

“It’s very interesting. I like the technology, and it feels like a real library”.

(Daanya yr 4)

“It’s a great place to read and learn, and inspires me to write my own stories”.

(Hafsah yr 4)

“I love the library. It’s fun, relaxing, interesting and inspired me to write”.

(Abeer yr 4)

“I like the books, and the library is well organised. I can concentrate. It’s the perfect place”.

(Faith yr 4)