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Welcome to the music page!
NEW  - 7th May - as requested, here is a good video series on learning the guitar.  
NEW - 5th May - Theme from The Hunger Games (see link in video description for the sheet)
NEW - 21st April - Music notation activity tutorial (the sheet can be downloaded at the bottom of this page) 
25th March - Shape of You video tutorial (see link below to score page)
24th March - Can't Stop The Feeling  video tutorial The sheet can be found below.
Below are some links to get you started being musical at home.  I shall continue to post more content here including some videos you can use to learn pieces on a keyboard (if you are lucky enough to have one at home).  Don’t worry if you don’t have your own keyboard, follow this link to play the piano online!
When using the online keyboard, you will notice it doesn’t use the colours like we have in music but that the keys have letters AND numbers.  Click the OCTAVES button and ADD LOWER OCTAVE.  Click OCTAVES again and ADD HIGHER OCTAVE.  You should how have a big keyboard with letters and numbers.  Notes with 2 are purple, notes with 3 are blue, notes with 4 are green, and notes with 5 are red.
I have created a video to show you how to find the keyboard sheets and use the online piano.
All of the sheets we use in music can be found at this link:
You might also like to head over to Kidz Bop and listen to some of their songs.  Some of the videos have full dance moves you can join in with.
Happy learning!
Dr Guy Bunce
Music Teacher
Cippenham Primary School