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Remote learning will be accessible via Tapestry. You should have your own log in details.

If you are having trouble logging on to Tapestry email the school office with your child's name, class and an email address and we look into this for you.

Tapestry login details:

User name : (Is the email you provided to the school)

Password: ( Have been handed out by the class teacher last term, firs name followed by a dash surname. If it is not 12 letter long add number from 1to 5 to make the password 12 letter)



Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Following on from my message on tapestry today, please find below the exercises to build up core strength and fine motor skills to develop good handwriting and the new  sheet of ideas to use for off-screen activities. The exercises here are those that have been on the web page for a while , remember you can also use these as an off-screen activity too. They are fun but also helping your child to build up core strength something that they need to be able to develop great handwriting skills.  Miss Harry has also created a useful you tube video all about things that you can use to help develop prewriting skills- take a look if this is something your child find tricky.

Take care  and have a good day

Miss Mash and the year 1 team