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02.07.20 – Gooooood morning Year 5!

We are still 5th out of 7 in our Times Tables Rock Stars Slough battle - we're about 200 points behind 4th place! Lets have a big TTRS push today, show off your prowess! 

Today for your sports related activity today, why not get creative and make some medals for Award first medal hanging hand drawn #AD , #ad, #Paid, #medal, #drawn, #hand, #Awardyour afternoon Olympics that is on the timetable tomorrow? You could use a variety of materials - paper, cardboard, paint, pencils, glitter, stickers! It's your Olympics and your medal design - get inventive! (You could even create yourself an extra TTRS themed medal when you've completed your practice for the day!)

Please download the "Y5 Suggested Timetable" as it explains
your work for the week in more detail for you. All the links and resources
are named on this document - read it carefully!


The Bitesize link to supplement today's White Rose Maths - angles around a point - can be found here:


Have a lovely day every one, we look forward to hearing from you and seeing all of your fab efforts.
- The Year 5 Team

The poster is a growth mindset manifesto for kids: I have a growth mindset. I am in charge of how smart I am because I can grow my brain like a muscle by learning hard things.


A little note: Some of you have asked for your work to be printed. We are unable to print your work for you, and have worked hard to make sure that your work can be completed without the need for a printer! You can use the blank exercise books we gave you before we broke up, or even just a sheet of paper. The question number and answer will be enough to guide your class teacher for maths, or the learning outcome and date for English! Pictures of those things sent to us on Dojo are enough. Thank you for your understanding.

Please remember to scroll to the bottom of the page for all resource folders! Thank you