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Guys, the time has come... I cannot BELIEVE the year we have had, and that we are already here, on our last day ever at CPS. I know many of you will have switched off now after the picnic, but I really hope that you take some time today to reflect on your time at Cippenham, and take some joy in all of the amazing memories you have made.  It's official - you are growing up! It's nerve-wracking, exciting and magical all at the same time.

Without repeating myself too much, I want you to know how much we genuinely love you guys. Each and every one of you has something so special about you, and there is not one child in the year group that we don't know well. It's been a wild ride, with many wonderful years ending in a global pandemic... who would have thought it?! You have coped so well and have kept smiling throughout. This will certainly be a year you never forget, but hopefully with the worrying bits, have come some amazing moments. Our Isle of Wight trip, fashion show, glitter fights, theme lessons outside on evolution, class assemblies, the leavers' picnic and so much more. We will always remember 2019-2020 with happiness. 

Your year group are extra special to us as a school as you guys were in Year 4 when the beautiful Laraib sadly passed away. You dealt with this with dignity, compassion and bravery, and we will never forget how you pulled together. We want to acknowledge Laraib within this message, as although she is not here with us, she will always be part of this year group and our school. We hope that you treasure the memories you made with her, and that the yearbook is a reminder of how special she is, and you are, to us here at Cippenham Primary School.

I know you guys are not in school at the moment so today may feel like any other, but I think we should make it special. It would be INCREDIBLE if you could send in a short video clip or picture with a poster, to share a wonderful memory of CPS or a goodbye message to all of the pupils and staff who have gotten to know you over the years. I know many of your teachers from previous years hold you guys in their hearts and would love to have one last goodbye from you so this is your ONLY additional challenge today, but one we would like many of you to do. 

So here's to our last remote learning message, Year 6! It's been sensational to have you and we wish you the best of luck in all you do. Make sure you come back and visit!! :)

Mrs Burbridge, Mr Infield, Mrs Berisha, Mrs Fadnis, Mrs Kulasi,  Mrs D'Cruz, Mrs Vincent, Ms Carey, Mrs Franklin,  Mrs Hood & ALL of the staff at Cippenham Primary School.