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Thursday 2nd July
Good morning, dreamy kiddos, and welcome to Thursday's remote learning. Even though we are down to the last few weeks of learning, some of you are showing the same passion and dedication as you did during week 1 of lockdown. We will never forget how brilliantly you have coped and even THRIVED during these times. Well done for being so incredible, always. Year 6, 2019-2020 will always be a year band to remember. We are just so ridiculously proud of you.

We had such a good yesterday, with children sending in a huge array of amazing work. We saw island songs, videos of you dancing, pictures of outdoor fun, wonderful reading comprehension, careful maths and some powerful Black History and BLM work. For those of you not on Twitter, please take a look at some of the mind maps we made in school about Black Lives Matter and systemic racism - if you would like to use your knowledge from the unit so far to make your own, please do, and send in for us to se

This week is sports week! See below we have created  powerpoint for the week. In the powerpoint are daily challenges and 'watch and learn' stories that you will find interesting. Send all your daily challenge attempts to us on dojo and twitter! How difficult was yesterday's challenge? I had multiple attempts and couldn't even get half the way around! Follow the link to attempt today's challenge 'Bring Sally up' - this is super difficult too but see how long you can last into the video!

Transition - There are some documents and links we have been sent from a selection of secondary schools . Please take a look at these, as they will really help  you to familiarise yourselves with your new schools
WESTGATE CHILDREN - You will have had a message or call yesterday, or an  email the day before, to tell you about the virtual meetings next week. These will take place at CPS in the Y6 block. It is children only as we are unable to fit adults in too, with the current social distancing rules. However, if you have any questions parents, feel free to message your class teacher and we will support and advise as best we can :). 

Getting Active Outoors - We would like to leave this up today and tomorrow as we have seen some of you make such a great start, from photographing cows to cloud watching, you certainly took this challenge on well, and so we thought you'd appreciate it if we left it here as a prompt.

Challenge - My challenge to you today is to look at July's Kindness Calendar above and sprinkle some joy and happiness on the world! Be sure to share the days you have been able to tick off. I know I will be :). 

Mr Infield’s Riddle – What can you hear but NOT see and touch, even though you control it??? 
Just to add - yesterday's riddle answers were absolutely hilarious... top work with the humour guys ;). The official answer was of course 'trouble'. 

Mrs Kulasi’s Daily Challenge – Can you work out the crossword puzzle today? Nothing better than cold things in summer really... some of the finer things in life. I mainly think of tasty lollies and ice-creams. Which are your favourites I wonder?! 

Have an asbolutely fabby Thurs! 
Lots of love,
The Year 6 Team :) x