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Friday 25th March 2021

Good morning Year 6,                                  

It is the last day of remote learning and what a journey it has been.  A HUGE thank you to you all, children and parents for being absolutely amazing, trying your best under such strange circumstances we have found ourselves in and simply being awesome. Children, Year 6 Team have been astounded by the work you have completed, for your enthusiasm and extraordinary contributions during live lessons and for consistently having high expectations and being the best, you can possibly be. I can easily say this, on behalf of the whole team: WE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE YOU!!

On Monday, we’ll welcome you back to school; I feel like it is September again😊.  All teachers will be in school today preparing classes and resources so might not be as active on Dojo however we’ll provide feedback and check on you throughout the day. It’s our last day of remote learning so let’s make it count.  

Here is an outline of today’s activities.

09.00-10.00 English catch up slot: use the morning session to complete your suspense story. If you have finished it, then edit, improve and mark your completed story, referring consistently to marking grid.

At 10.30 We will be having a live zoom meeting with Tom Taylor, the author of Malamander. Please have your questions from yesterday’s zoom session ready. You’ll be sent Zoom details by your teachers, through Dojo.

After Zoom meeting, you can complete arithmetic papers uploaded in Friday’s folder (differentiated arithmetic paper and answer sheets; please mark your work before posting through Dojo).


Project work (towards independent learning diploma)

01.15-3.00 Week 2 – Planning 1: Consider all of the things we need to do to keep our eyes healthy. How could we explain this to people and encourage them to do it? What type of language and structural features could we include in this? Begin to map out ideas for how you might do this.

Have an awesome day Year 6,  and see you all on Monday 😊😊😊!!

Year 6 Team